My 4 Steps to Dealing with Life’s Problems:

My 4 Steps to Dealing with Life’s Problems:

  1. Awareness
  2. Acknowledge
  3. Willingness to Change
  4. Taking Action

It can be confusing, when despite our best efforts, we are unable to change what isn’t working for us. Often it’s because we haven’t worked out what the problem really is. We just know something isn’t working out as we’d like but in the swirl of emotions or unpleasant events we can’t put our finger on what is behind it. Or perhaps we can, but that alone isn’t easing it, in fact the more we see the problem and don’t know what to do about, the more stuck we feel.

So, the path of changing this starts with AWARENESS that there is a problem. This opens, for the first time, to the potential for change because without awareness the result will be no change and repeating patterns. Awareness allows us then to begin articulating what the problem is and might help us to start seeing component parts or contributing factors. But sadly, awareness alone with no further action will only leave us stuck, right where we are. Not a great place to be and probably no wiser for it.

Then, the next step is to ACKNOWLEDGE the problem and how it is impacting or damaging our life. And here we can start to make a choice. Do we want to change it or do we want to continue as we are? Doing nothing is always an option and continuing as we are brings a paradox of ‘safety’ and familiarity even if the result is unpleasant. If we choose to do nothing, then we really can’t claim to want change if we’re not willing to do things differently. Magic kingdoms don’t exist.

I think nothing sums it up better than this…“ if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!” In other words, doing the same things over again but expecting different results is, is according to Albert Einstein, the first sign of madness. He’s got a point!

But it’s easy to say and harder to do. Plus if you knew what and how to change, you’d likely have done it already. But it’s OK not to know and you certainly would not be alone. This is why many people choose specialist, professional support to help with such important changes. People want a non-judgemental space to talk and be heard. They are probably looking for tried and tested techniques to support their change and help it to happen safely and effectively.

So this bring us to WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE. If you haven’t been able to do it for yourself, then it makes sense to seek support to work things through and gain understanding; to help build your awareness further.  You have decided you want to change what isn’t working for you and are open to trying something new. You might be excited that change is possible, you might be a little daunted, but the desire to move towards new possibilities and a smoother life is motivating. You are probably already experiencing a reduction in pain or improvement in your life from the process of seeking support and growing understanding.

So the final part then is, TAKING ACTION. Change can be uncomfortable. It can happen slowly or quickly and it can be an uneven path. It involves doing work between sessions so you can learn more about how your problem manifest or impacts, you learn to understand it and spot it happening and then you start to practice new skills to bring about lasting and effective changes. Taking action is where the ball is pretty much in your court, but with the right support you are not alone.

Taking action means that with support, you are learning new ways of thinking and behaving. You are changing deep-rooted, negative beliefs that were holding you back and you are making those changes. How positive and empowering is that?

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