If you are thinking of working with me, please read through some of my testimonials below. If you’d like to get in touch please call me on 07452 829821, or email me info@londonandsurreycounselling.co.uk.

“Rowanne helped me look deeply into beliefs that were holding me back, challenge them thoroughly and discover that I can live in a very different way. This definitely set my life on a different trajectory, one that I chose more, rather than repeating old patterns. And now I know how to relax. Rowanne impressed me a lot and I recommended her to many friends, who then went on to do work with her and all thanked me for suggesting her.”

JH, London

“I appreciate a lot that you supported me and give me a chance to live a full and interesting life. I really enjoy everything that I see around me. Now I can see the realities of life. I can feel happiness, sadness or frustration, and all of those feelings give me the sensation of my own existence!”

VB, London

“Rowanne was instrumental in helping me break through some major blocks in my life and achieve the things I wanted to achieve. Before working with her, I had some specific goals. But they looked and felt absolutely impossible due to the huge anxieties I had around them. Over a series of sessions, Rowanne walked me towards those goals and to my amazement and delight, within six months I was doing something I thought I’d never be able to do: performing my work in public. I have gone on to achieve more and more of my dreams and as a result, my life – and the way I feel about myself – has radically changed for the better. I’m really grateful to Rowanne for her invaluable help in making this happen.”

JL, Isle of Man

“Rowanne is a professional and exceptionally caring person. Her gentle questioning, from many perspectives was often challenging, but this resulted in finding the best solutions to help me. The result is a set of tools to use when I find myself in difficult situations. Those tools still apply and continue to give me the support I need. I would recommend Rowanne for her empathy and capability.”

SG, Surrey

“My therapy sessions with Rowanne have dramatically improved my quality of life. I found Rowanne’s challenging but empathetic techniques very effective and I was made to feel comfortable from the start. She has vastly broadened my knowledge on how the mind works and how I can interpret my own emotions and thoughts more healthily. Rowanne has taught me how to be better to myself which in turn has also improved my relationships with others. Seeing Rowanne has refreshed my mind and created some much needed space and stability.”

TP, London

“I had a problem with anger management. Rowanne’s sympathetic, down-to-earth, yet rigorous approach to therapy helped me to identify the underlying triggers for my red mists and to replace them with a healthier mental framework, reinforced by breathing exercises and other physical techniques to foster a calmer, more philosophical approach to life’s stresses.”

MD, London

“I was recommended Rowanne by a friend after deciding I wanted to try something more rigorous than regular CBT. In twelve sessions we addressed several major negative beliefs that were limiting my experience of life and it’s had a tremendous affect. Rowanne brings an incredible energy to the sessions and the techniques she taught me continue to be useful whenever new issues arise. I would heartily recommend a course of REBT with Rowanne to anyone seeking a practical, hands on solution to recurring issues.”

AW, London

“Rowanne completely changed my relationship with my thought patterns, helping me to identify, expose, and change very subtle mental habits that have been hard at work for years, contributing a great deal to my rampant health anxiety. She is extremely flexible and skilled and adapted her approach based on my familiarity with mindfulness. I felt a solid improvement in my life right after the first meeting, and after finishing the course, I’m feeling more confident than ever and equipped enough to deal with whatever life throws at me. Thank you, Rowanne!”

CZ, London

“Rowanne practised six sessions of therapy for my inherent emetophobia (fear of being physically sick or other people being sick) … The phobia stopped me from going out on certain nights such as New Year’s Eve, getting the train at night, going to pubs or restaurants. It played a key part in the rise of my anorexia for which I was in treatment for 10 weeks. This phobia almost stopped me from getting pregnant. It stopped me from working with or looking after children. Rowanne gave me talking therapy to ascertain what and why my phobia was like and how it appeared. She used hypnotherapy and meditation methods to gradually calm and put the phobia into context. She opened my mind to guided meditation as well as other calming ideas to keep me grounded. My phobia has not completely gone, it never will but I am able to do things that I would not have done before … I have my ‘safe place’ in my head and breathing exercises to use if I am starting to go into panic mode and my life has been much easier for this.”

JF, Surrey

“I am so pleased with the outcome from my therapy sessions with Rowanne. She taught me to how to recognise a possible further build-up of my anxiety and has given me.a range of tools to alleviate and deal with my anxiety. She helped me deal with my current problems with empathy, sensitivity and with a huge amount of positive energy. She is clearly enthusiastic about her work and strives to get the best results for her clients.

I felt that we developed a great rapport during the sessions which is essential for a positive outcome.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Rowanne to a friend if they expressed a need for CBT/REBT sessions to help them with anxiety issues.”

IL, London